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Our Planet

Lighter Impact

We strive to lighten our impact on the environment by reducing our energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and waste generation. By integrating sound environmental management practices into our business, we can offer technologically innovative products and services while conserving and enhancing resources for future generations.

Lumentum has committed to developing and maintaining sustainable, responsible practices in its global operations. As a provider of optical and photonic products, our material inputs, the energy and water we harness to manufacture our products, and the effluents and waste generated in our operations all have an impact on the environment. To strengthen our practices towards sustainability, over 50% of our manufacturing sites are ISO14001-certified, and we are continuing to expand this certification coverage. In FY20, we recorded zero environmental fines, reinforcing the efficacy of our environmental management systems.  

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Impact on Climate

Impact on Climate

As part of our commitment to incorporating climate change mitigation into our business objectives and strategy, Lumentum is further developing our greenhouse gas management program. Our current inventory includes accounting for the emissions associated with our facilities’ energy consumption and emissions from our contract manufacturers.

In 2020 we introduced three goals related to our impact on climate:

  • Use 100% renewable electricity at our corporate headquarters by 2023
  • Reduce our absolute energy consumption by 5% at all global research and development sites by 2023
  • Reduce our emissions from air travel by 20% annually

We succeeded in meeting our first goal ahead of schedule and reached 100% renewable electricity at our headquarters in December of 2020. We decided to set a more ambitious long-term goal of achieving net zero emissions from our global operations by 2030.

As we continue to expand our inventory, we expect to capture a wider range of scope 3 emissions categories from supplier emissions to the emissions associated transportation and distribution. To strengthen our practices and disclose our progress, Lumentum has responded to CDP’s Climate Change Questionnaire since 2017.

2020 CDP Climate Change Response (PDF, 352 KB)

Energy and Emissions FY20 FY19 FY18
Total energy (MWh) 150,634 149,191 123,071
  - Energy intensity (MWh/$MM) 89.7 95.3 98.6
Total Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions (tCO2e) 156,601 168,405 143,757
  - Scope 1 and 2 emissions (tCO2e) 58,338 56,973 46,985
  - Scope 3 emissions (tCO2e) 98,278 111,432 96,772
Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions intensity (tCO2e/$MM) 93.3 107.6 115.2
Total emissions are reported using scope 2 market-based calculations unless otherwise noted. Scope 3 includes emissions from our contract manufacturers, business air travel, and fuel- and energy-related activities. Scope 3 emissions were estimated where data was unavailable. 2018 data has been restated from our 2019 CDP response to reflect the acquisition of Oclaro.

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Water and Effluents


Water and effluents are material to our operations because sufficient good quality freshwater is vital for cooling and cleaning purposes at our production facilities. Lumentum does not consider itself a significant water consumer in the areas where it operates. However, we have operations in countries or regions that are exposed to water risk, and over half of our facilities carry out activities that could be subject to disruption due to a lack of water supply. 

To address this risk, in 2020 we’ve committed to reduce our annual water withdrawal by 5% by 2023.

We evaluate our water impacts through our annual submission to CDP’s Water Security Questionnaire.

2020 CDP Water Security Response (PDF, 219 KB)

Water FY20 FY19 FY18
Total water withdrawal (ML) 381 421 185
  - Areas with water stress 107 310 N/R
Total water discharge (ML) 304 N/R N/R
  - Areas with water stress 99 N/R N/R
Total water consumption (ML) 77 N/R N/R
  - Areas with water stress 7 N/R N/R
Note: Over 90% of water withdrawn and discharged is to/from third-party sources. Water stress was determined using WRI’s Aqueduct tool. FY18 data excludes water withdrawal by Oclaro prior to acquisition. N/R indicates this number was not previously tracked.

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Because waste is a material environmental impact of our operations, waste management is a key concern for Lumentum across our locations. When manufacturing our products, Lumentum and its contract manufacturers generate hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The generation of hazardous waste is inherent in our industry, and at Lumentum, we ensure strict compliance with all local laws as they relate to the generation, treatment, and transportation of hazardous waste.

ISO 14001 - China (PDF, 630 KB)
ISO 14001 - Japan (PDF, 345 KB)
ISO 14001 - Thailand (PDF, 961 KB) 
ISO 14001 - UK (PDF, 519 KB)

Waste FY20 FY19 FY18
Waste by type and disposal method (MT) 1,498 2,015 1,797
Hazardous 374 446 380
  - Diverted 28 67 49
  - Disposed 346 379 332
Non-hazardous 1,124 1,569 1,417
  - Diverted 709 904 855
  - Disposed 186 224 198
Note: Non-hazardous waste volumes are estimated where actual volume is not available.

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