25G Transceivers

25G Transceivers

Superior performance for 25GE applications

The Lumentum integrated 25 Gigabit Ethernet (25GE) small form factor pluggable optical transceiver modules that consist of a 25 Gbps direct modulation laser (DML) optical transmitter and a PIN receiver use an uncooled 1310 nm DML diode to achieve 10 km reach. 

The commercial-temperature grade TRS5A20EN can be used for data center, enterprise switch line card, storage, IP network, and LAN applications. The TRS5A20EH is optimized for the harsh temperature requirements of wireless fronthaul applications.

RoHS 6/6 compliant

Form Factor Data Rate (Gbps) Wavelength (nm) Laser Type Reach Latch Type Electrical Connector Optical Connector Temperature Range(°C) Power Dissipation Product Code
SFP28 25GE 1310 DML 10 km Bail 20-pin LC 0 to 70 < 1W TRS5A20EN-GA001
SFP28 25GE 1310 DML 10 km Bail 20-pin LC -40 to 85 < 1W TRS5A20EH-GA001