Up to 16G Transceivers
Up to 16G Transceivers

16G FC Compliant 850 nm SFP+ Limiting Transceiver

JSH Series

16G FC Compliant 850 nm SFP+ Limiting Transceiver  - JSH Series

The Lumentum 16G 850 nm SFP+ Optical Transceiver is a full duplex, integrated fiber optic transceiver that provides a high-speed serial link at 14.025 Gbps signaling rates. The transceiver supports the enhanced small form factor pluggable module (SFP+) specification SFF-8431 Rev. 4.1 for the low-speed electrical interface, SFF-8432 Rev. 5.0 for the mechanical interface, and SFF-8472 Rev. 11.0 for the management interface.

The transceiver complies with the Fibre Channel FC-PI-5 1600-M5x-SN variants, and complies with 800-M5x-SN and 400-M5x-SN-I when using rate-select inputs.

It integrates the receive and transmit path on one module. On the transmit side, the 14.025 Gbps serial data stream is passed from the electrical connector and recovered and retimed through a CDR to a laser driver. The laser driver biases and modulates an 850 nm vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), enabling data transmission over up to 125 m of OM4 multimode fiber through an industry-standard LC connector. On the receive side, the 14.025 Gbps optical data stream is recovered from a PIN photodetector through a transimpedance amplifier, post amplifier and CDR, and passed to an output driver. This module features a hot-pluggable SFI-compliant limiting electrical interface. It has an enhanced digital diagnostic feature set to monitor real-time transceiver performance. It also has transmit disable, loss of signal, and transmitter fault functions.