ROADM Modules
ROADM Modules

1x9 100 GHz Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS), Mini

The Lumentum agile optical switch family provides the broadest portfolio of reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) solutions designed to meet the requirements of all major market segments and applications. They are the core building blocks for agile optical networks (AONs) and provide the flexibility to remotely reconfigure any or all wavelengths, thereby reducing time-to-service, simplifying networks, and streamlining planning and inventory management. This results in significant Opex and Capex reductions and faster time to revenue.

The wavelength selective switch (WSS) is an N-port module composed of a hermetically sealed optics block with control electronics. The optics block is based on the highly successful free space optics platform in conjunction with a switching engine composed of an array of micro-electromechanical mirrors (MEMS) to provide the functionality and performance required in today’s dynamic networks.

The WSS is used to dynamically attenuate, block, switch, and route wavelengths independently. Any wavelength/wavelengths can be routed from any port/ports to any other port/ports in any order, resulting in a colorless solution that is highly flexible and requires no planning.

This next-generation WSS, the Mini 100, based on the highly scalable, compact form factor Mini platform offers excellent optical performance, reliability and represents the next generation of the thousands of Lumentum classic 100 GHz solutions that have been deployed in networks worldwide since 2003. These switches have a proven and demonstrated capability to route and manage optical networks.

The Mini 100 comes in a single slot, smaller form factor package and is fully qualified to meet and exceed Telecordia  requirements.