Power Over Fiber
Power Over Fiber

4 V Photovoltaic Power Converter


4 V Photovoltaic Power Converter - PPC-4E

The PPC-4E is a photovoltaic power converter optimized for maximum efficiency in the range of 790 – 850 nm illumination. Source optical energy is delivered via multimode fiber, compatible with installed short haul communication systems.

Reliable and low cost laser diodes are readily available as sources. Total electrical isolation, and compatibility of operation in high electrical field or noisy electrical environments are key capabilities of the PPC-4E. Remote power for sensors, transducers and data communications equipment are typical applications.

Designed to convert 790 – 850 nm light into electrical power up to 4 volts, with output power from a few mW to 0.5 W, the PPC-4E is available with ST or FC connectors. Pigtail packages including ceramic (CMPT) pigtail are available.