14xx Pump Lasers
14xx Pump Lasers

450 mW Fiber Bragg Grating Stabilized 14xx nm Pump Modules

S34 Series

The Lumentum S34 series 14xx nm, 300/360/400/430/450 mW Diode Laser is wavelength selected at 1420 to 1510 nm using grating-stabilized, polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber. It is housed in an industry-standard, 14-pin butterfly package.

The S34 series lasers are ideal for distributed or discrete Raman amplification applications (1420 to 1510 nm for C- and L-band coverage) and provide up to 450 mW of power and high thermal efficiency to enable longer links and spans, lower bit error rate (BER), and greater wavelength coverage for 40 GHz and ultra-long haul (ULH) systems.