Source Lasers
Source Lasers

850 nm 10 G VCSEL TOSA

The Lumentum 850 nm 10 G connectorized transmit optical sub-assembly (TOSA) is designed for high-speed data communication applications in 10 G transceiver modules. It uses a high-performance, high-reliability VCSEL integrated into a custom, hermetically sealed TO package aligned to a precision LC or SC housing. The device is configured with differential drive and a controlled impedance flex circuit for optimal performance. Each unit goes through the proprietary Lumentum burn-in and stabilization process to ensure low failure rates and a long life of continuously consistent performance.

The 10 G TOSA converts electrical signals into optical power at data rates up to 10 G with highly reliable performance over extended operating temperatures and power conditions. It is perfectly suited for 50/125 µm multimode fiber. Each part is electro-optically tested to exact standards.