C-Band, L-Band PIN Photodetector with Receptacle

ETX 100

The ETX 100Rxx series are high speed receptacled photodiode modules designed primarily for use in optical communications applications in which high speed and reliability are critical. These modules feature bandwidths of at least 1 GHz and are designed for peak wavelength response at 1300 and 1550 nm. The connector receptacle designs permit mounting on PC boards or back planes. Each of the four modules making up the ETX 100Rxx series incorporates a 100 μm diameter InGaAs PIN photodiode mounted in an industry standard, precision connector receptacle which assures excellent mating repeatability. Standard receptacles available include LC, FC, and SC. These modules will accept either Single Mode or Multi Mode connectorized fiber.

The ETX 100 RLC is mounted in an LC receptacle and is designed primarily to provide a high performance package for telecommunication and datacom applications with reduced surface density and easier mounting procedures. This next generation small form factor (The LC receptacle is respectively, 52% and 34%, smaller in packaging surface density than the FC and SC receptacles) is half the footprint required for LAN interfaces, thereby reducing costs and increasing packing density. Like the RSC, the ETX 100 RLC mates directly with the connector and does not require fastening of the connector to assure mating.

All receptacled detector modules are qualified to Telecordia and MIL standards.