Edge-Emitting Diode Lasers
Edge-Emitting Diode Lasers

Single-Mode 50 to 200 mW, 830/852 nm Diode Laser for Industrial Applications

54xx Series

Single-mode 50 to 200 mW, 830/852 nm Diode Laser for Industrial Applications

High-resolution applications including optical data storage, image recording, spectral analysis, printing, point-to-point free-space communications and frequency doubling all require diffraction-limited sources. Faster writing, wider dynamic range and better signal-to-noise ratio may be achieved with Lumentum’s high-reliability 5400 Series single-mode diode lasers.

Available in power levels up to 200 mW kink-free, this advanced diode laser combines a quantum well structure and a real-refractive index-guided single-mode waveguide to provide high power, low astigmatism, narrow spectral width and a single spatial mode Gaussian far field. Our 5400 Series diode lasers are among the most reliable high-power diode lasers available in the industry today.

The 5400 Series diode lasers operate in single longitudinal mode under some conditions. Like in all Fabry-Perot index-guided diode lasers, spectral broadening, mode hopping and longitudinal mode instability may occur due to small changes in drive current, diode-junction temperature or optical feedback.

The unique diode structure features high reliability with long operating life and very low early failure rate. The highest brightness (20 MW/cm2 steradian) is provided by our 5430.