Intensity Modulator, 20G, Powerbit


Intensity Modulator, 20G, Powerbit SD-20

This new 20G modulator builds the bridge between 10G and 40G. The 20G modulator allows system designers to take advantage of cost-effective electronics available at 20 GHz. Electronic circuit complexity is significantly reduced compared to 40G. A single 40G data stream can be generated by multiplexing two 20G signals. The low Vπ (@ 20 GHz) enables full period operation at half bit rate to generate a 40G CS-RZ optical clock signal. Additionally, 20G transmission enables the maximum NRZ-bandwidth efficiency in DWDM systems running at 50 GHz channel spacing, and is less sensitive to chromatic fiber dispersion than at 40G. Suitable driver amplifiers are available through Lumentum recommended partners.