Large Area PIN Photodiode

ETX 500/1000

The Lumentum ETX 500T and ETX 1000T series large-area InGaAs PIN photodetectors have photosensitive areas with diameters of 500 and 1000 μm, respectively. These photodiodes offer high responsivity in the 800 – 1700 nm spectrum, and are designed for use in instrumentation, sensing, and rangefinding

The detectors feature high sensitivity and linear spectral responsivity over a broad range of input powers. When operating in photovoltaic mode, a noise current density of 10 fA/Hz1/2 is typical at room temperature. When reverse-biased for greater bandwidth, a noise floor of 60fA/Hz1/2 at -5 V is typical. Linear spectral response results from the low series resistance of the photodiodes.

The ETX 500T and ETX 1000T series are optimal for the high-speed, differential mode measurements common in precision optical power meters, optical fiber identifiers, and optical loss test sets.

The ETX 500T and ETX1000T photodiodes are packaged in hermetically-sealed TO cans.