Solid State Lasers
Solid State Lasers

Continuous-Wave Solid-State Laser

FCD Series

Continuous-Wave Solid-State Laser - FCD Series

Continuous-wave, solid-state FCD (frequency-converted diode) series lasers feature all-in-fiber architecture. A package contains both the optical elements of the laser and the control electronics, allowing full control and diagnostics of the laser system through an analog interface and RS232 interface. Powered by an external 5 V DC power supply, the laser is cost-efficient, reliable, and compact, with excellent electrical and thermal efficiency. It has a low heat load, so the laser operates without a heat sink.

Based on proprietary technology, the FCD series enables consistent high-volume laser manufacturing with a “package, splice, and test” design. The components are put in hermetic packaging—the fibers are spliced together—and the laser is tested.

FCD series lasers are available in two versions: free space and a fiber-delivered version with the same characteristics and reliability as the free-space laser.