Solid State Lasers
Solid State Lasers

Quasi-Continuous Wave UV Laser

Xcyte Series

Quasi-Continuous Wave UV Laser - Xcyte Series

The Lumentum Xcyte series lasers offer the advantages of diode-pumped solid-state lasers in quasi-CW 355nm air-cooled format. The Xcyte series lasers provide near diffraction-limited beam profile, excellent stability, long lifetime and low amplitude noise in a compact, low cost of ownership (COO) package. These qualities make the Xcyte laser the ideal replacement for bulky and inefficient HeCd and argon lasers in varied applications such as flow cytometry, microstereolithography and semiconductor wafer inspection.

All Xcyte series lasers feature the rugged and efficient DCP “engine” platform and passive mode-locking based on a proven, robust Saturable Bragg Reflector (SBR). Passive mode locking with an SBR requires only a single semiconductor device that functions as one cavity mirror, making this technique simpler and more robust than other passive mode locking approaches. Directly coupling the pump light to the crystal means fewer optical surfaces between the diode and the lasing crystal, resulting in lower losses and enhanced efficiency. The high internal reflection of the side-pumped geometry ensures uniform pumping and gain for high mode quality. The high Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) of the Xcyte laser series (100 MHz) is sufficiently fast that it is seen as effectively CW in low bandwidth systems (i.e., systems with long response times).

Xcyte lasers provide industrial reliability for applications ranging from biomedical to rapid prototyping.