DWDM Transmission Components

Micro-Integrated Coherent Receiver (µICR) up to 32 Gbaud Symbol Rates


Micro-Integrated Coherent Receiver (µICR) up to 32 Gbaud Symbol Rates

The Lumentum micro coherent receiver module is designed to meet mechanical and performance requirements of the ICR for CFP2 Coherent optics (OIF Implementation Agreement Proposal - OIF-DPC-MRX-01.0).

The gold box has two optical input fibers, corresponding to signal and common local oscillator (LO) inputs.

A variable optical attenuator (VOA) and monitor photodiode (MPD) are included in the signal path to enable the incoming power level to be monitored and adjusted.

The polarized light is separated internally via PBS to recover two orthogonal polarizations that are steered to two 90° optical hybrid phase mixers. The hybrid beats the transmit signal with the local oscillator to allow the appropriate wavelength signal to propagate.

Each of the mixer outputs is connected with photodetector pairs that are interconnected to four linear transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) that perform O-to-E conversion for downstream signal processing.

The transimpedance amplifiers can operate in auto or manual mode, with adjustable output or gain (configurable via MDIO), and feature shutdown and bandwidth adjustment controls.

Device packaging represents SMT interfaces on 0.8 mm pitch with corner mounting points to allow attachment to host PCB.