Narrow Linewidth DFB Laser


Lumentum narrow linewidth distributed feedback (NLW-DFB) lasers are designed to provide low-noise, single mode 1550 nm laser source for cost effective telecom and sensing application. In telecom, NLW-DFB lasers enable fixed wavelength coherent applications where as in 3D sensing/LiDAR applications, due to its narrow linewidth, NLW-DFBs deliver +200 m range. Lumentum NLW-DFB laser array technology when used along silicon photonics can enable chip scale, compact photonic integrated circuits for telecom and 3D sensing applications.

NLW-DFB lasers are manufactured in Lumentum in-house fabs. Lasers are qualified to GR-468 requirements and widely deployed since early 2000s.
Laser design is a buried hetero-structure with optimized quantum well to provide high optical output power and narrow linewidth. These lasers temperature and current tuned to achieve desired operating frequency with typical output powers > 16 dBm. Temperature tuning enables optical frequency tuning of ~400 GHz whereas laser current tuning provide ~0.1 GHz/mA optical frequency tuning.