Turnkey Fiber Lasers
Turnkey Fiber Lasers

4 kW Turnkey Fiber Laser System, 1080 nm


Turnkey Fiber Laser System, 1080 nm

Lumentum CORELIGHT YTK-Series 2 kW, 4 kW, and 6 kW turnkey fiber laser systems offer a complete high-power and high-brightness solution for the most demanding macromaterial processing applications. Built upon the highly efficient, field proven Lumentum CORELIGHT YLE-Series ytterbium fiber laser modules, CORELIGHT YTK-Series products seamlessly integrate into new and existing machine tools. Control and monitoring are accomplished through industry-standard interfacing. Multiple, user-accessible, real-time system logs ensure detailed operational history is available for review at any time.

CORELIGHT YTK-Series products enable exceptionally high-speed cutting, welding, material deposition, and many other OEM macromaterial processing applications. Ideal for processing steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and many other metals, CORELIGHT YTK-Series products offer installation and operational flexibility to meet the most demanding requirements.

High-power fiber laser systems are used to cut parts from sheet metal for the manufacturing of automobiles, aircraft and commercial and consumer appliances. They are increasingly used for welding, material deposition (laser cladding) and large-scale surface treatment applications significantly more efficiently than traditional nonlaser processes.