Fiber Monitoring and Protection
Fiber Monitoring and Protection

WaveReady Continuous Fiber Monitor

BJK-CFM series

The Lumentum Continuous Fiber Monitor (CFM) offers a compact, modular solution for performance monitoring on optical fiber links. The CFM solution lets system operators isolate faults within the fiber plant to improve response time. The CFM also lets them monitor optical fiber health over time to address slow degradation in fiber performance before it results in unplanned service outages.

The CFM operates independently from the client optical power and will not disrupt service should a power failure occur. Unlike Layer 2 performance monitoring solutions, which may not differentiate between equipment or fiber failure, the CFM monitors fiber-plant health from the central office (CO) without relying on electronics located at the far end of the link.

With interfaces for remote TL-1 alarms over transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP), visual alarms, and local telemetry alarms, the CFM is readily integrated into a wide variety of network management interfaces and ready to deploy right out of the box.