WaveReady DWDM Mux/Demux, 8-Channel Upgradeable to 40 Channels


The Lumentum WaveReady® 100 GHz Optical Add/Drop Modules (OADMs) comprise a family of flexible, low-cost solutions to expand existing fiber capacity. Dense wave-length division multiplexing (DWDM) technology lets a single optical fiber carry up to 40 discrete optical channels in 5 bands of 8 wavelengths each.

The100 GHz DWDM OADM can be configured as both an OADM or a terminal multiplexer and demultiplexer (mux/demux) supporting a broad range of architectures from scalable point-to-point links to four-fiber protected rings. Innovative band upgrade ports let you pay-as-you-grow with in-service capacity scaling, in multiples of eight channels, to lower initial costs without limiting growth.

Market standard LGX™ packaging is readily deployed in existing LGX-compatible shelves.

The100 GHz OADM operates with both WaveReady transponders and optical regenerators and ITU transponder cards for other widely available transmission equipment.