Shelves and Management
Shelves and Management

WaveReady Shelf, 7U, 630 W Cooling Capacity, 14-slot Optical Platform


The WaveReady® DMS-3500FSE04 is a fan-cooled optical provisioning platform targeted for metro access/edge and inter-office fiber (IOF) applications. It accommodates up to 13 WaveReady modules managed by a WaveReady system controller module in slot C.

The platform supports any mix of WaveReady-powered modules including high-power multirate transponders, muxponders, and single channel and multichannel DWDM amplifiers up to a total power draw of 630 W. It also supports passive one-, four, and eight- channel DWDM and CWDM cassettes.

The platform provides power, cooling, and a communications bus for all modules in the shelf. The communications module handles monitoring, management, and configuration of each module in the shelf. This design reduces installation time for individual WaveReady modules.

External interfaces include a standard four-position terminal block, Ethernet through an RJ-45 connector on a communications module, RS-232 through a D-subminiature connector on a communication module, and alarms and input sense through two 25-pin D-subminiature connectors located on the front of the shelf.

The WaveReady communications module allows local and remote management through a DB-9/RS-232 port on the front panel, three RJ-45, and one OSC Ethernet connectors. Both TL1 and SNMP-based management are supported.

The platform is configured for installation in 19 inch, 23 inch, or ETSI 300 mm telecommunication racks.