Transponders and Muxponders
Transponders and Muxponders

WaveReady Three-Port Gigabit Ethernet Multiplexing Transponder


The three-port WaveReady® WRM-782 multiplexing transponder can aggregate up to three Gigabit Ethernet signals into an OTU1 signal. The three client interfaces are transported transparently over the line interface using a low-latency transport architecture. It supports client and line signal performance statistics as well as an embedded management channel to manage remote equipment.

Its flexible, pluggable interfaces support a variety of transceivers on both client and line interfaces (copper, 850, 1310, 1550 nm, dense [DWDM], and coarse wavelength division multiplexer [CWDM]).

Due to its high flexibility and density, the WRM-782 is the optimal aggregation and transport solution for access and metro wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks.

Simple and Easy to Manage

The WRM-782 can be managed using transaction language 1 (TL1), simple network management protocol (SNMP), or the WaveReady Node Manager graphical user interface. Its embedded communication channel can be used to manage it remotely. The muxponder requires no provisioning and provides diagnostic loopback for testing as well as optical power monitoring. When combined with Layer 2 performance statistics, these functions facilitate fast service turn-up, fault location, and correction and also simplify operations that service management and service level agreements (SLAs) require.