WaveReady Transponder, Dual Multirate with Performance Monitoring, 614.4 Mbps - 10.709 Gbps


WaveReady Transponder, Dual Multirate with Perfomance Monitoring, 614.4 Mbps - 10.709 Gbps

High-Bandwidth, Flexible WDM Transport Solution

The Lumentum WRT-791 is a bidirectional, four-port, SFP/SFP+ based dual 10G transponder module. Remote in-channel management and a range of performance monitors enable flexible service demarcation solutions over all wavelengths.

Each WRT-791 supports two independent transponders that may be configured to a broad range of protocols including Ethernet, CPRI and SONET/SDH. Performance monitoring, synchronous transport and embedded OA&M connectivity between a host node and multiple remote sites makes the WaveReady® system suitable for RAN fronthaul, line speed Ethernet, distributed storage networks and wavelength services. 

The core of WRT-791 is built on flexible Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology allowing one or both transponders to be upgraded for future protocol support and capabilities providing a future-proof platform for network deployment. 

Each transponder on the card supports two Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) client and network interfaces. A wide range of compatible SFP’s support various protocols and reaches to interface with a range of media. 

The WRT-791 is compatible with the WaveReady system release 5.3.0 and later.