Transponders and Muxponders
Transponders and Muxponders

WaveReady Transponder, DWDM, Dual Multirate with Performance Monitoring, 125 Mbps - 4.25 Gbps


The Lumentum WaveReady® WRT-781 is a multirate dual-transponder that can support an extended number of services for both coarse (CWDM) and dense division multiplexing (DWDM) transport applications. Due to its high flexibility and density, the WRT-781 is the ideal transport solution for access and metro WDM networks.

The module consists of two independent transponders that can transport traffic running at different rates (125 Mbps–4.25 Gbps). The WRT-781 can also be used as a bidirectional four-port regenerator. Its flexible pluggable interfaces support a variety of transceivers on both client and line interfaces (850, 1310, and 1550 nm; DWDM, and CWDM).