Fiber-Coupled Diode Lasers
Fiber-Coupled Diode Lasers

High-Brightness 10 W, 9xx nm Diode Laser

63xx Series

High-Brightness 10 W, 9xx nm Diode Laser - 63xx Series

The 63xx series diode lasers represent an advancement in high continuous-wave (CW) optical power and ultrahigh brightness with unsurpassed reliability. The small emitting aperture, combined with low beam divergence, makes the 63xx series the highest brightness family of CW diode lasers available in the industry.

The 63xx series consists of partially coherent broad-area emitters, with relatively uniform emission over the emitting aperture. Operation is multilongitudinal mode, with a spectral envelope width of approximately 3.5 nm full width, half maximum (FWHM). The far field beam divergence in the plane perpendicular to the P/N junction is nearly Gaussian, while the lateral beam profile exhibits a multiple-transverse mode pattern typical of broad-area emitters. The 63xx series offers up to 10 W of output from a 100 µm aperture.

The high efficiency of the quantum well structure, combined with low thermal resistance epi-down chip mounting, provides minimum junction temperature at high optical power. Low junction temperature and low thermal resistance packages extend the lifetime and increase reliability.

These diodes are mounted on a low thermal-resistance, electrically isolated submount, allowing for easy integration into user systems.