Lumentum: Discovering What Else Light Can Do

Today, tech isn’t just an industry, it’s the world we live in. It’s connection, access, precision, the constant possibility that our everyday could be suddenly changed for the better.

VCSEL Technology for LiDAR applications_ InCabin Insights Interview with Jenny Kim, Lumentum

Watch our interview with Carl Anthony of AutoVision and Jenny Kim, Lumentum Product Line Manager

Leading 3D optical sensing solutions_ AutoSens Insights Interview with Matthew Everett, Lumentum

Matt Everett, Lumentum Director of Product Line Management, interview with Carl Anthony of AutoVision about our leading 3D sensing solutions

Lumentum - 2021 Employer Impact Awards Impact in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Recipient

Watch to learn more about University of Waterloo 2021 Employer Impact Award that was awarded to Lumentum

High-performance multi-junction VCSEL arrays for advanced mobility and industrial applications

Matt Everett, Lumentum Director of Product Line Management, shares how our latest M Series VCSELs are ideal for automotive and industrial LiDAR applications

Lumentum Introduces High-Precision FemtoBlade™ Laser System

Yvette Just, Lumentum Product Line Manager, Commercial Lasers, discusses how FemtoBladeTM innovative design enables higher throughput, precision, flexibility, and reliability

400G Coherent Transmission Overview

Morten Nissov, Senior Director Product Line Management, Telecom Transmission, provides 400G CFP2-DCO update