ROADM Modules
ROADM Modules

TrueFlex FS Optical Channel Monitor (OCM)

The TrueFlex® FS OCM is designed for high-performance, flexible-spectrum WDM network applications that support ultra-high capacity (100 G and beyond) and mixed channels routed through sophisticated optical mesh networks. Available in single and multiport configurations, it delivers the fast scan times required in advanced WSS and amplifier control systems. All ports are scanned simultaneously for ultraaccurate network channel power control applications. High-resolution filter design and proprietary de-convolution algorithms deliver high adjacent-channel accuracy and superchannel carrier discrimination, similar to an optical spectrum analyzer. Its compact and low-power design enables high-density system designs with minimal footprint.

For fully flexible spectrum monitoring, the TrueFlex FS OCM reports spectral power over any user-specified spectral range and continuous spectral density across the full C-band spectrum. Able to “dwell” on a single spectral slice, the device is ideal not only for long-term control but also for tracking single-channel performance during ramp-up or for troubleshooting.

The FS OCM complements other products in the TrueFlex portfolio with a combination of colorless, directionless, and contentionless (CD/CDC) node attributes that drive flexibility and scalability while minimizing CapEx/OpEx for network providers.