University Relations

University Relations

Lumentum interns, co-ops, and new college graduates start tangible work immediately. Contributions are recognized and valued by peers and management alike. Lumentum’s strong academic community ties, and ongoing employee development/education, validate the importance of higher education to impact Lumentum and its customers positively. Join us!

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Internships at Lumentum involve meaningful work. Interns are assigned projects that positively impact the business. You will collaborate with industry leaders, become an integral part of the team, and take on assignments—your opinions and insights will be valued. Interns’ inputs routinely affect processes, products, and programs.

2018 Summer Intern Spotlights

Intern Omar

Industrial Engineering

“My experience has been exciting so far. I’ve been involved in more than one project in different areas. I’ve been making plenty of connections with full time employees and interns. Everyone is really helpful and no one turns you down when you’re looking for help.”

“My favorite project was being involved in the Kaizen event. The experience has been extremely insightful and the pressure just made me contribute more and have the company’s best interests in mind. I believe I’ve made the biggest impact throughout this event compared to what I’ve been doing during my time at Lumentum and was able to gain plenty of experience from the full-time engineers.”



“I’ve really enjoyed my time at Lumentum. The team I work with has been incredibly kind and treats me like a peer instead of an underling, and people across the organization treat me like a regular employee and not an intern. I’ve actually been assigned substantive work that felt like it really mattered alongside more typical assignments you’d expect in an internship.” 

“My favorite project this summer was drafting an amendment for a contract manufacturing agreement. I got to work with multiple people in the supply chain and got to draft contract language which will hopefully be incorporated into the agreement. My supervisor gave me really helpful feedback and worked with me through multiple drafts to create a truly exceptional end product.”

Intern Sara

Sales Development Engineering

“As a Lumentum Intern I've been learning new things every day. My manager and mentor both check in with me on a daily basis to see how my assignments are going, which I really appreciate.” 
“My favorite project is data analysis. I'm evaluating data to assess the best possible solution in order to reduce costs for the company.” 

Intern Peter

Software Development

“The Lumentum internship has been an awesome experience so far. The solid support structure of manager/mentor/intern allows for a smooth transition into the workplace, while the projects give us the freedom to learn while we do our work and still feel like we are contributing to the company in a noticeable way.” 

“My favorite project, which also happens to be my only project, is building tools to do custom investigations, analysis, and graphs based on specified filtered conditions within the testing UI and exporting the resulting data into an easily readable form. The most interesting part is seeing the whole testing project and using abstraction techniques to make sure that the work that I add can be translated to function not just with my programs and the rest of the project, but with any future additions to the project as well.”

Intern Kajari

Supply Chain Analyst

“Everyone is open to questions and suggestions at Lumentum. In addition to projects, the organized intern activities were fun and helped us to connect with many others and get to know our colleagues better. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work as a summer intern at Lumentum.”

“I am learning a lot and I’m working on standardizing the data and business requirements gathering in order to automate the supply chain process. Post-project implementation, the error rate will be reduced and the process efficiency will increase. Through this internship, I’ve had the opportunity to learn how the supply chain process works in the real world and I am confident this experience has helped me apply my theoretical study and will help me in my future endeavors.” 

Recent Graduates

Lumentum offers a variety of full-time employment opportunities for recent and future university graduates. Come be a part of our dynamic team. If you are still in school, you may find us on your university’s campus. Otherwise, stay on the look-out for updates on our job board, and choose the right opportunity for you.

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