University Relations

University Relations

Lumentum interns, co-ops, or new college graduates start tangible work immediately. Contributions are recognized and valued by peers and management alike. Lumentum’s strong academic community ties, and ongoing employee development/education, demonstrate the importance of higher education to positively impact Lumentum and its customers. Join us!

Be a Summer Intern

Lumentum’s Internship Program enables you to apply classroom knowledge directly to real-world challenges. Surrounded by the industry’s brightest, Lumentum fosters a collaborative environment where you will gain valuable first-hand experience to drive your career forward. Interns are invited to sessions with key Lumentum executives, plus social events and off-campus excursions with other interns. Join us to discover more about Lumentum and yourself.   

Internship Spotlight


Human Resources

Psychology, Texas Christian University

“One of my current and ongoing projects is scheduling interviews for potential new hires. In addition to this, I am updating Lumentum’s external University Relations webpage as well as creating internal webpages for University Relations and Intern Information.”

“I am also collecting and analyzing employee referral rewards data in efforts to improve upon the program. Being part of the Lumentum team is a great feeling. From day one of my internship I was surrounded by employees who were both professional and personable.”


Research & Development

Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley

“My main project is to design a low-cost cold plate for a very high power laser system.  To do so, I’ve had to substantially modify the current generation product cold plated design and its related manufacturing process.  I have been given the chance to work with shops in Shenzhen, China on process capabilities and the design requirements of these processes.  I have also been given the chance to learn Ansys computational fluid dynamics analysis to verify my design’s capability.”

“Here at Lumentum, I feel like I am part of a family in which everyone takes me under their wings and patiently train me to become a better engineer, produce a complex laser engine system, and push the forefront of the technology.”


Research & Development

Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Cal Poly SLO

“For my main project, I am helping to design and build a water manifold for a very high power laser system.  High-performance lasers generate a considerable amount of waste heat.  We are removing the excess heat with a water cooling system that runs throughout the laser system.”

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to intern and work with the Lumentum team. I am most excited to apply the technical skills I have learned in school to projects in a professional setting.”


Research & Development

Mechanical Engineering, UC Riverside

“For my project, I’m working on creating an organized method of uploading files, checking out files, and more on one of the data vaults called PDM.” 

“My biggest priority is just to gain a deeper understanding of the industry. So far with my time at Lumentum, I’ve learned so much about the process of creating parts and their applications for lasers and more. I’ve already gained a stronger understanding on how to use programs like SolidWorks, the documentation process for parts and assemblies, and what kind of thought process I should have while creating these parts.” 


Workplace Services

Business Finance, HR, & Information Systems, University of Washington

“I am working on a metrics-based WorkPlace Services dashboard that will show Lumentum executives their current usage of space and how to best allocate that to increase efficiency.”

“It's refreshing to be working hands-on and with the support of professionals! I am learning a lot about real estate, work place efficiency, and problem-solving skills. The other interns are very friendly--my manager and mentor are both fantastic! I enjoy my time working and collaborating with them.”


  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Research & Development
  • Workplace Services

Basic Qualifications

  • Currently enrolled in an accredited university with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Participating in a Bachelors, Masters, or PhD program with at least one semester or quarter left after completion of internship


You are paired with a selected mentor who will help guide and advise you as you move throughout your internship. Consistent feedback, as well as personalized coaching, will help support you and keep you engaged.

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Internship FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Lumentum internship program.

Recent Graduates

If you have finished your degree, we have a variety of career opportunities awaiting you at Lumentum. Come be a part of our dynamic team. If you are still in school, look for us on your university’s campus in the spring. Otherwise, stay on the look-out for updates on our job board, and choose the right opportunity for you.