Optical Amplifiers

Vertically integrated for exceptional performance and cost competitiveness

The proliferation of 100G in backbone and metro networks is placing ever-greater demands on optical amplifiers to deliver a requisite optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) to support high bit rate transmission. 

Lumentum offers the most comprehensive portfolio of high-performance amplifiers (Raman, high power EDFAs, wide dynamic gain range EDFAs, EDFA arrays) in the industry. As a market and technology leader in optical amplifiers for over two decades, Lumentum leverages vertical integration and deep know-how to continue to offer points of differentiation and value to our customers. Lumentum’s automatic gain control with fast transient suppression on EDFAs is a notable example of a performance attribute that has been hailed by NEMs and network operators as setting the industry benchmark for robustness, resilience, and survivability within the most demanding deployment scenarios.