Pump Lasers

Higher-power and higher-efficiency solutions

Lumentum offers a broad line of pump lasers for optical amplification. The 980 nm products that are used in erbium-doped fiber amplifiers offer operating power levels from 100 mW to 1600 mW. The S26, S27, and S29 series are semicooled at 45°C for diode laser operation, which provides for a significant reduction in TEC and overall power consumption. The S30 and S32 pump laser modules leverage a revolutionary design and lean manufacturing processes to significantly advance the performance and scalability of 980 nm pumps. The M27 and M29 lasers are semicooled at 45°C, low-profile 10-PIN small-form-factor (mini-butterfly) packaged pump lasers. The M31 is cooled at 25°C, low-profile 10-PIN small-form-factor packaged pump laser. The modules meet stringent telecommunications industry requirements, including Telcordia GR-468-CORE for hermetic 980 nm pump modules.

The 14xx products used in Raman amplification offer operating powers up to 600 mW in wavelengths covering the C+L band. The 4900 Series uncooled multimode pump laser provides a 10 W Telcordia-class solution for double-clad fiber amplifiers serving the FTTx and CATV industries.