Lumentum: Discovering What Else Light Can Do

Today, tech isn’t just an industry, it’s the world we live in. It’s connection, access, precision, the constant possibility that our everyday could be suddenly changed for the better.

AutoSens 2020

Watch our interview at AutoSens Brussels with Carl Anthony of AutoVision and Thomas Sommer, Lumentum Sales Manager, EMEA

ILS - Lumentum_1218390

Learn what limits the performance of ultrashort pulsed micromachining processes and how to overcome those limitations.

2020 IHSM Improved network utilization - Acacia Lumentum - 19Feb2020

Learn how advances in multi-haul coherent modems can be used with appropriate next-gen ROADM architectures to meet future network bandwidth growth requirements while continuing to reduce the cost per transported bit.

OFC 2019: TrueFlex® Contentionless Twin 8x24 WSS Wins Lightwave Innovation Award

Simon Warren, Senior PLM, Wavelength Management, highlights Lumentum Twin 8x24 WSS advantages.

ECOC 2018: TrueFlex® WSS Update

Andrea Milani, VP of Sales EMEA, highlights the Lumentum wavelength management portfolio and new TrueFlex Contentionless Twin 8x24 WSS.

OFC 2018: TrueFlex® Nano™ 1x9 WSS Wins Lightwave Innovation Award

Director, PLM, Wavelength Management, James Goodchild, gives an update on Lumentum TrueFlex solutions.