Multi-Service Systems Operator (MSO)

Multi-Service Systems Operator (MSO)

Reducing install and turn-up time, minimizing time-to-revenue

Designed to reduce cost where it counts and maximize value in fiber assets, WaveReady® systems satisfy critical business criteria for MSOs: especially fronthaul for DAS, mobile backhaul, and business services deployment. Proven high-speed, reliable, secure, fit-to-task, and customized components maximize the value of precious fiber resources.  

  • Mobile Fronthaul

    From the antenna on the pole to the base-station hotel, WaveReady’s wide variety of low-latency, passive DWDM and CWDM mux/demux, UMUX, and OADM, and custom modules are a precise fit for almost any indoor or outdoor deployment requirement. 

    Each module is designed to reduce costs by minimizing install/turn-up time, maximizing the value of installed fiber, improving reliability, and optimizing the CapEx/deployment equation at a particular place in the network. These modules are also ideal for general capacity expansion in public venues such as sports stadiums and similar intermittent, high-volume locations.

    CPRI- and Ethernet-enabled powered modules improve the versatility of the cell-network topology to and from the base-station hotel.  
  • Mobile Backhaul

    WaveReady’s complete range of transponders, amplifiers, muxponders, and large-scale passive systems (up to 88 10G channels) cost-effectively address specific backhaul network requirements. They satisfy the need for immediate high-capacity aggregation while providing flexible expansion or redeployment options for the future.  
  • Business Services 

    Delivering business services to a location is often about starting small and growing the client base over time. WaveReady modules enable early and continuing profitability for each installation.

    WaveReady components, designed for fast install and turn-up, address business and end-user cost and time requirements. WaveReady bidirectional single fiber modules are especially effective for business services deployments.

    Easy capacity expansion enables the cost-effective addition of more end users, more capacity, or both.  Path protection and demarcation facilitates SLA implementation and reliability. Protocol-agnostic and multi-protocol modules address the needs of current and future customers. 

    Remote management, power efficiency, indoor and outdoor components, and the wide range of fit-to-task modules—all these capabilities make WaveReady an excellent partner in the business services space.