Telecom Service Provider

Telecom Service Provider

NEBS and OSMINE reliability and interoperability

WaveReady® systems have been approved for and deployed in optical networks for more than 15 years. Engineered to meet the quality, interoperability, robustness, and reliability requirements of telecom service providers, WaveReady adds standards-based management for software defined networking (SDN) as well as high capacity, multi-protocol, multi-rate, and multi-service characteristics, low latency, low power requirements, and in-service upgradeability.

NEBS Level 3 and OSMINE certification ensure WaveReady systems deployed from the CO to the OSP and all points in between meet the five-nines reliability, manageability, and capability expected in traditional telco two-fiber ring architectures and hybrid networks.   
Fast and easy to install and turn up, WaveReady systems reduce the effort and time required for network upgrades or expansion. 

All of these features are critical in providing the flexible scalability required by service providers in fronthaul, backhaul, longhaul, and CO interconnect.  

  • Mobile Fronthaul
    From the antenna on the pole to the base-station hotel, WaveReady’s wide variety of low-latency, passive DWDM and CWDM mux/demux, UMUX, and OADM and custom modules are a precise fit for almost any indoor or outdoor deployment requirement. 

    Each module is designed to reduce costs by minimizing install/turn-up time, maximizing the value of installed fiber, improving reliability, and optimizing the CapEx/deployment equation at a particular place in the network. These low-latency modules are also ideal for general capacity expansion in public venues such as sports stadiums and similar intermittent high-volume locations.

    CPRI- and Ethernet-enabled active modules improve the versatility of the cell-network topology to and from the base-station hotel. 
  • Mobile Backhaul

    WaveReady’s complete range of low-latency transponders, amplifiers, and large-scale passive systems (up to 88 10G channels) are designed to address specific backhaul network requirements cost effectively. They satisfy the need for immediate high-capacity aggregation while providing flexible expansion or redeployment options in the future.  
  • Long Haul, Metro, and Interoffice

    WaveReady active modules, including DWDM ROADMs, muxponders, transponders, line amplifiers and 100G passive modules, are reliable and effective additions to any extension application. 

    WaveReady amplifiers, deployed as pre, post, or inline in any network configuration, provide cost-effective single or multichannel amplification with critical extension features such as tilt control.

    WaveReady reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs) support automatic optical power balancing, reducing complexity when deploying multiple wavelength/multiple data-rate systems. WaveReady ROADMs let operators add or change wavelengths to an existing network while in service and without downtime.