Metal Welding

Fast, deep, narrow, and consistent welds

Laser welding is a method of joining metal materials using laser light. An intense laser beam focuses on an interface between metals to melt the material. A highly-controllable melt pool is formed which joins the materials once it cools and solidifies. The welding process may be completed using only the laser as the heat source or in a hybrid welding configuration together with traditional welding approaches. Laser welding can provide fast, deep, narrow, and consistent welds that are very strong. Laser welding is gaining momentum in high-volume applications such as automotive and consumer-appliance production.

Lumentum field-proven, high-reliability, scalable multi-kW fiber lasers seamlessly integrate into your laser system or directly into your advanced machine tool designs. Our fiber lasers incorporate Lumentum-patented, high-brightness ST Series diode-laser pumps.