Stereolithography, Printing, and Imaging

Unique quality and capabilities

Lasers used in stereolithography, a process that enables the rapid creation of three-dimensional objects from CAD drawings, need to provide excellent beam quality and power stability. Lumentum offers high pulse-repetition-rate Q-switched or mode-locked UV lasers to create precision prototypes from a CAD model. Several power levels are available to enable single- or multi-beam processing. 

Computer-to-plate (CtP) is the process of transferring digital data from computers directly onto printing plates. CtP systems for pre-press and digital minilab systems for photofinishing make extensive use of lasers to bring quality and capabilities never before seen in this market. Sharper images and the ability to consistently reproduce quality images are marks of the unique properties of lasers including narrow linewidth, the ability to vary focus, and low noise. CtP systems incorporating lasers can expose/print images on a substrate directly from a digital file, enabling maximum flexibility in image processing.

Lumentum manufactures a variety of lasers used in the graphics and imaging market. For photofinishing, Lumentum offers diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers and air-cooled argon-ion lasers featuring world-class performance and reliability. Lasers for pre-press include Lumentum fiber lasers and industry-leading Lumentum infrared industrial diode lasers.