3D Sensing and Industrial Diode Lasers


Optics expertise for high-reliability, high-volume components

With extensive technical and manufacturing expertise, Lumentum is a leading global source for vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs). Industry-standard housing dimensions, high reliability, and excellent performance over extended operational temperatures make our VCSELs ideal for a variety of 3D sensing applications including mobile and automotive. More than 200 million Lumentum diode lasers are operating today around the world. The recorded field failure rate for this huge population of devices is less than one part per million.

Lumentum VCSELs are available in a broad range of wavelengths, output power, and architectures—customized for each application. Available wavelengths include 800-1000 nm range with power from 200 mW to 10s of watts based on customer requirements. For automotive applications, Lumentum high-power 940 nm VCSEL arrays are optimized for high-resolution flash LiDAR and in-cabin monitoring. In mobile devices, VCSELs can be used for biometric security applications.

A broad VCSEL product portfolio and unsurpassed integration expertise enable Lumentum to provide in-depth optical design help and guidance to system designers. To find out more about the Lumentum VCSEL portfolio, please contact Lumentum Customer Service.