Media Room


Today, tech isn’t just an industry, it’s the world we live in. It’s connection, access, precision, the constant possibility that our everyday could be suddenly changed for the better.

Director, PLM, Wavelength Management, James Goodchild, gives an update on Lumentum TrueFlex solutions. 

Senior PLM, SDN Whiteboxes and Grayboxes, Brian Kim, highlights advancements in Lumentum technology and the demands in the market.

Justin Abbot, Senior PLM, Datacom, discusses the live 100G Single Lambda transceiver using PAM4 53-GBaud transmission. 

Hear Senior PLM, Datacom, Justin Abbot, describe the live 400G demo and trends in next-generation datacom solutions.

Learn how we provide quality and reliability at scale.

Hear Chris Pfistner, Vice President, PLM, Datacom highlight the Lumentum transceiver and whitebox portfolio.