Coherent Transceivers

Superior performance for high-speed coherent transmission

The CFP2-ACO 100/200G coherent module utilizes a trio of indium phosphide (InP) based PICs, covering the laser, modulation, and receiver functions. Through integration, we have enabled almost complete on-wafer test of our PICs. We can automatically identify good die for assembly and map all key parameters at wafer level to maintain process control and integrity. Monolithic integration is ideally suited to support much higher levels of functionality moving forward, as we progress beyond 200G per carrier into superchannel modules.

The 100 and 200 Gbps per wavelength CFP2 digital coherent optical transceiver incorporates Lumentum co-packaged indium phosphide (InP) PICs including Lumentum narrow linewidth tunable laser, both the Lumentum InP Mach-Zehnder modulator and the Lumentum micro-intradyne coherent receiver (µICR) with integrated VOA, together with the industry’s most interoperable digital signal processing (DSP) ASICs to support 100 Gbps PM-QPSK and 200 Gbps PM-8/16QAM transmissions.