Integrated Components

Reduce costs and save space

For high-density applications, Lumentum offers highly integrated, multi-function components that reduce costs and save space. GFF-tap-isolator-WDM, isolator-WDM tap-WDM, and tap-WDM-isolator hybrids are available with 6 x 6 arrays in a standard isolator package and 4 x 4 arrays in a miniature package. The components cover C or L bands in single or dual stages.

The new unidirectional integrated miniature tap photodetector array (Tap-PD Array) offers high reliability, compact footprint and ultra-wide bandwidth. With the evolution to CDxC networks needing more ports and higher density, the need for greater monitoring has resulted in this new Tap-PD Array solution. The array can cover applications ranging from 1x2 to 1x24 requirements.

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