Ultra-Small Form Factor Pump Lasers

Enabling space reduction with simplified pump design

A new uncooled 980 nm ultra-small form factor “TO” pump lasers represent an industry milestone. These are the first Telecordia-qualified, 980 nm Distributed-Feedback (DFB) pump lasers with integrated Bragg grating into the chip. This simplifies the pump design, thereby reducing assembly and fiber length to allow further space reduction. The TO platform also benefits from a high-volume, mature infrastructure.

The H12 series, an uncooled 3-pin low-profile planar pump laser with up to 400 mW output power, significantly reduces the overall pump laser size and power consumption. This laser series employs both an innovative distributed feedback (DFB) laser chip, which integrates a high-power laser and grating into a single high-reliability laser die, and an improved package design.