Saving valuable space and power

Modern metro networks are increasingly embracing TrueFlex colorless directionless (CD) or colorless directionless contentionless (CDC) ROADM architectures as a key enabler towards the goal of realizing a dynamic network. Flexible and reconfigurable transport networks demand a high level of optical functionality and performance while adhering to strict boundary constraints imposed by real-estate and power-consumption limits in a central office. Functional integration—a holistic approach that brings together diverse transport functionality such as optical switching, amplification, and monitoring onto a single high-density line card such as the ROADM-on-a-Blade—enables realizing these competing objectives.

Lumentum customizes ROADM-on-a-Blade designs for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and ensures seamless integration into their systems. As a pioneer of the Super Transport Blade, Lumentum has been helping early-adopter NEMs remain at the forefront of ROADM deployments since 2008.

The ROADM-on-a-Blade (single-slot) is now the industry benchmark for TrueFlex CD/CDC ROADM solutions in the metro network, as it delivers more than a 50% savings in space and power relative to a conventional approach with multiple line cards. 

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