100 GHz Extrawide Passband, Low CD for 40 Gbps Applications Filter-Based WDM

DWS Series

Lumentum ITU components are the result of years of telecommunication experience in interference filter technology. Individual components are available on ITU channel spacings of 200 and 100 GHz, as well as on bands of ITU channels.

Lumentum ITU components are the evolution of industry-standard 100 GHz ITU components. Manufactured using laser welding technology, these devices exceed Telcordia GR-1221 requirements. They are designed for the lowest chromatic dispersion and demonstrate low insertion loss, temperature insensitivity, and reliable performance in any system application.

Used within mux/demux and add/drop applications, Lumentum ITU components provide the utmost flexibility in single ITU channel management. They offer a simple solution to wavelength routing and are optimized to supply maximum bandwidth and isolation, yet maintain very low chromatic dispersion.

Established volume capability and proven experience in customizing fiber optic components and modules make Lumentum the supplier of choice.