9xx Multimode Pump Lasers
9xx Multimode Pump Lasers

4/6/8/10 W 9xx nm FTTx Uncooled Multimode Pump Modules

4900 Series

The Lumentum 4900 Series uncooled multimode pump modules simplify next-generation, high-power erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) designs for CATV and FTTx applications by eliminating the need for thermoelectric coolers and their control circuitry.

The 4900 Series builds upon the field-proven success of the Lumentum 4800 Series. The new pump features higher power in a smaller, coolerless footprint with isolated electrical pins for simplified thermal and electrical management. Up to 10 W of optical power from a 105 µm fiber pigtail makes the 4900 Series the ideal solution for the FTTx and CATV high-power EDFA pumping market. In addition, the 4900 Series takes advantage of existing global Lumentum infrastructure to combine a highly reliable design with cost-effective manufacturing.