Monitoring / Conditioning

C-Band, L-Band, Pass-Band Low-Leakage PIN Photodiodes

EPM 6xx Series

C-Band, L-Band, Pass-Band Low-Leakage PIN Photodiodes

Lumentum EPM 6xx-Series PIN photodiodes are designed for optical network monitoring applications. The photodiode die is fabricated with a proprietary InGaAs process in our wafer fab and assembled into a hermetically-sealed package with antireflective-coated lens. A stainless steel bushing actively couples the fiber to the package.

The fiber is reinforced with a rubber boot to relieve fiber-bending stresses. EPM 6xx-Series photodiodes can be produced with a variety of industry-standard connectors or no connector at all. They are also available with mounting brackets for both vertical panel and horizontal flush-to-board mounting.

Low-leakage versions (EPM 605LL and EPM 606LL) of the EPM 605 and EPM 606 are available with the same features, connectors, and brackets.

Small form-factor (SFF) packages EPM635 and EPM635-75 are designed for SFF applications.