Power Supply for Helium-Neon Laser

1200, 101, 314, 380 Series

Power Supply for HeNe Laser

All Lumentum helium-neon power supplies provide a highly regulated constant current output, allowing for excellent optical stability and performance.

The power supply automatically adjusts laser tube voltage to maintain a fixed discharge current. A CDRH time delay is active on all power supplies, and may be defeated on power supply modules. All power supplies have complete fault protection and can withstand output short circuits, output open circuits, or arcto-ground conditions. Power supplies are available for 100, 115, 200, 230 V AC, and 12 V DC operation, with efficiencies greater than 85 percent.

Complete laser systems are made by combining a 1100 series laser head with the appropriate 1200 series power supply. Laser systems meet Center for Devices and Radiological Health requirements and display logotypes describing CDRH classification and operating limits.