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Optical Fiber Monitor (OFM) Whitebox


Optical Fiber Monitor (OFM) Whitebox

The Lumentum Optical Fiber Monitor (OFM) whiteboxes reduce network downtime with automated fault location.

Detecting and locating network fiber outages by conventional means is a time consuming manual process. Correlating alarms, dispatching personnel and testing may require hours of cross-disciplinary effort before a fault can be located and repair teams dispatched.

The OFM whitebox leverages Lumentum award-winning optical whitebox platform to combine an open northbound interface for integration with existing geographic information system (GIS) and operations support system (OSS) solutions.

The OFM detects link degradation and faults over user-defined spans and thresholds and returns high-resolution fault location measurements to the network operations center. Faults are geo-located within minutes.

Featuring a powerful, easy-to-use configuration interface, the OFM whitebox may be deployed in a range of applications for in-building and access/metro fiber networks.