SDN Elements

Building blocks that rapidly accelerate time-to-market

Lumentum SDN elements represent generic optical hardware building blocks that are independently addressable and controllable through standardized interfaces, enabling rapid construction of photonic-layer solutions to meet diverse application needs (e.g. data center interconnect (DCI), open line system, and ROADM mesh-networking). Grayboxes offer a generic CPU complex (field-replaceable) that can host an OEM’s node/network control software within the box, facilitating ease-of-integration into their own proprietary network management systems (NMS) or emerging open-source SDN controllers/orchestrators. Additionally, non-proprietary hardware customization options are available on grayboxes, along with private-labelling option. The Lumentum portfolio of SDN elements is distinct and separate from our custom  outsourced design manufacturing (ODM) linecard product line which caters to OEMs who require proprietary hardware solutions.