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Power Over Fiber

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Power-Over-Fiber Kit - PPM-500-K

From the world leader in power-over-fiber components, the Lumentum PPM-500-K is a photonic power module kit capable of delivering up to 500 mW of electrically isolated power over distances up to 500 meters.

The PPM-500-K kit includes one PPC. At 500 mW of power output, the PPC will deliver a maximum operating current of 160 mA (4E) or 125 mA (6E). The optimum operation of the kit is at 100 – 400 mW at which a suitable voltage regulator (not included) can deliver consistent voltages of 3.3 V (4E) and 5.0 V (6E).

The drive circuitry incorporates an efficient switching power supply which reduces heatdissipation requirements by more than 60% compared to previous PPM products. Electrical power, laser power control, and power monitoring are all accessed via a single 6-pin connector.

For requirements above 500 mW, kits can be combined in parallel. With its efficient design, more than one PPM-500-K can share an external heat sink to save space.

For more information on the PPM-500-K including application notes, a white paper, and a manual with details and specifications of the laser, its drive circuitry, and the PPC, please contact Lumentum customer service.