PCB Production

Unique performance and proven reliability to lower total cost of ownership

With PCBs becoming smaller to support higher density, UV lasers are the tools of choice to support PCB production. Due to sophisticated delivery systems, laser processing is faster than with older technologies. And, lasers can drill holes smaller than 30 µm.

Lasers support two classes of PCB applications, cutting and drilling. Cutting any rigid, flexible, or rigid-flex substrate, lasers can create arbitrary shapes of flexible PCB. They are also used in depaneling systems for cutting out populated or bare circuits. Laser processing eliminates mechanical stress and reduces thermal stress.

Drilling rigid, flexible structures or direct copper, lasers can make through holes or blind holes. Beam quality, energy stability, and energy control on-the-fly are key attributes as a hole needs perfect circularity and cleanliness for the next production step of the PCB.