SDN Elements
SDN Elements

ROADM Graybox

Terminal Amplifier Graybox

The Lumentum ROADM Graybox provides all necessary functions of a degree; construct a multidegree ROADM node (compatible with Open ROADM v1.07 MSA) to suit your needs.
The ROADM Graybox features TrueFlex® Twin Wavelength Selective Switches (Twin 2x9, Twin 2x20, or Twin 2x32 depending on application need) with 6.25 GHz bandwidth setting granularity, enabling the construction of a flexible-spectrum colorless-directionless (CD-F) or colorless-directionless-contentionless (CDC-F) ROADM solution via a route-and-select architecture. Preamp and booster EDFAs with state-of-the-art switchable gain models provide larger dynamic range with dramatically better NF performance than traditional variable-gain EDFAs. Gain operation range can be selected dynamically while the EDFA is out of service.

ROADM Schematic

1x20 ROADM Schematic