Business growth through high capacity and comprehensive flexibility

Lumentum provides a broad range of products for enterprise networks including transceivers, tunable transmission modules, SDN whiteboxes, and reconfigurable optical add/drop modules (ROADMs) offering flexibility, scale, and simplified operations to deliver outstanding performance.

Lumentum offers a wide complement of optical transceivers spanning data rates and form factors. Lumentum core photonic chip and integration technologies were developed over many years of leadership in high-performance telecom and datacom products. 

Lumentum has a proven track record of technology leadership, first-to-volume capability, and relentless pursuit of cost-effective solutions.

Tunable Transmission Modules
The flexibility enabled by Lumentum tunable transceivers is critical to the successful and rapid deployment of next-generation enterprise networks. These transmission modules support multiple rates and applications in a single platform.

Our tunable 10G multiprotocol optical XFP transceiver integrates the receive and transmit path on one module. It includes a C-band-tunable integrated laser Mach-Zehnder (ILMZ), enabling data transmission over single-mode fiber through an industry-standard LC connector.

Lumentum's WSS family offers the broadest portfolio of ROADM solutions for enterprise applications. They are the building blocks that provide the flexibility to remotely reconfigure any or all wavelengths, thereby reducing time-to-service, simplifying the network and streamlining planning and management. This results in significant OpEx and CapEx reductions and faster time-to-revenue. In addition, they enable the cost-effective creation and deployment of more complex network architectures.

SDN Whiteboxes
For enterprises who want to build private SDN networks, our whiteboxes offer the flexibility of constructing their own need-based transport systems using standalone photonic layer building blocks that are independently addressable and controllable through standardized APIs.