Enabling operational flexibility

Lumentum product offering enables flexible networks that are more responsive to customers. Our portfolio includes TrueFlex  transport modules and subsystems, SDN elements, optical transceivers, tunable transmission modules, pump lasers, and passive components.

Our SDN elements offer users the flexibility of constructing their own need-based transport systems using standalone photonic layer building blocks that are independently addressable and controllable through standardized APIs.

Our TrueFlex colorless/directionless (CD) and colorless/directionless/ contentionless (CDC) ROADM architectures are key enablers towards the goal of realizing a scalable and dynamic network. Functional integration—a holistic approach that brings together diverse transport functionality such as optical switching, amplification, and monitoring onto a single high-density line card such as the ROADM-on-a-Blade—helps you realize the full potential of your network.

We offer the broadest range of tunable transmission products including a narrow linewidth integrable tunable laser assembly (ITLA), a dual channel intradyne coherent receiver (ICR), a 40G DP-QPSK coherent transponder, and a wide range of tunable XFP and world-leading tunable SFP+ products for fully flexible solutions.

Lumentum’s variety of pluggable transceivers and optical components meets the needs of the diverse data-rate and reach requirements of your dynamic networking solutions, helping you adapt to the ever-changing needs of users.